Cyber Resilience Symposium

London I July 2018

In July 2018 utility industry leaders will gather to devise strategies and tactics to protect their businesses from cyber attacks. Partner on this exclusive new event to set the agenda and lead the conversation.

Cyber crime and cyber warfare are on the rise. The former is now the most prevalent type of criminal activity in the UK and latter has been a clear and present threat accompanying recent frosty diplomatic relations between the UK and Russia.

Utilities now find themselves prime targets for aggressors. They hold personal data for millions of consumers and are responsible for the delivery of critical services, without which, social and public health issues would soon proliferate while economic activity ground to a halt.

Utilities leaders are keenly aware of the weight of responsibility on their shoulders to protect against cyber-attacks and to have robust procedures in place in the event that their defences are breached. But with threats constantly evolving and utilities keen to embrace digital innovation as they create smarter infrastructure and business models for the future, there is much the industry has to learn about cyber resilience.

'15 per cent of all cyber attacks logged in the UK were directed at the energy sector, making it second only to financial services as the most at-risk sector'

Utility Week


Download the event brochure without delay to discover more, including the opportunities to partner with Utility Week on this innovative new event, the keynote speaker themes, sponsor-led breakout sessions, and how Cyber Resilience Symposium delegates will collectively create a set of high level recommendations around cyber security best practice, to be made available to Utility Week’s 20,000 audience of utilities professionals.

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